You pet transport and the law

Pet transport is a complicated business; a lot of our clients find themselves over whelmed and confused by the difference between pet transport and legal pet transport. So here is a guide for you for European pet transport in simple clear language.

So what is a LEGAL pet transport, the law states the following:
Anyone transporting animals “in connection with an economic activity or for financial gain” must hold a EC type ii transport licence, vehicle inspection certificate and certified contingency plans.

In simple terms this means if you are paying anyone to move your pet even if that is giving a friend petrol money they must have 3 pieces of paper.

DEFRA type ii Transport Licence
• The first piece of paper is called a “type ii transport licence” ours is issued by DEFRA (See left). This means that DEFRA have issued us with a licence to move pets. This licence relates to the COMPANY used to transport your pets
o We have reached the minimum standard to transport pets
 Every pet transporter that holds this licence has reached these standards but some like us go well beyond the minimum. So levels of service will still vary between transporters
o We have been certified as conviction free
o We have been approved as “safe hands”
o We comply with the laws regarding safety, welfare and care in transport.
o In short this licence is your bench mark standard it means that you are using a legal transporter that DEFRA have certified
defra approved

Vehicle Inspection Certificate
• The second piece of paper is called a “Vehicle Inspection Certificate” (See left) This certificate relates to the VEHICLE used to transport your pets.
o This Certificate, is sent to DEFRA as part of the application process for a type ii licence
o Our vehicle has been inspected at length and has been certified and approved as safe to transport pets. Some of the key points that this certificate deals with are
o Lighting – our vehicle is well lit and we are able to see all the animals in our care throughout transport
o HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and air-conditioning
 Our vehicle is equipped with a separate and standalone HVAC system for your pets comfort, safety and welfare. The temperature can be controlled for their comfort throughout their journey with us.
o These two are just a small example of the level of inspection before a vehicle is certified as safe and suitable.
Fiat Scudo

DEFRA Approved Contingency plans
• The last piece of paper is called a “Contingency plan” (See Left). Ours is approved by DEFRA, this is a plan for what we will do in the event of a problem.
o This Certificate, is sent to DEFRA as part of the application process for a type ii licence
o As you can see this “contingency plan” deals with 8 different possible scenarios that maybe encountered and how we will deal with them to ensure you pets comfort, safety and welfare.
Fiat Skudo

When we say we have nothing to hide, we mean it. Many pet transporters may claim they are licensed or that you don´t need to be licensed, we have put our legally required licences, certificates and contingency plans in clear sight for you to see.

At take me home pet transport we don´t hide anything because we have nothing to hide.