Pet Re-homing & Charity services

Pet Re-homing & Charity services

paws for life

For registered pet charities in recognition of all the hard work you do, we offer specialist re-homing transport at a greatly discounted rate.

This is a fixed rate with multi location drop offs in the UK, other countries are available on request.

This offer includes delivery to the following hand over locations
Ashford Services M20
Cobham Services M25
Beaconsfield Services M40
Wheatley Services M40
Cherwell Valley Services M40
M6 toll Services M6
Lymm Services M6
Cleckheaton Whitehall Road A58 Starbucks on the M606 roundabout
Toby Carvery Washington Tyne & Wear NE37 1LE

For any new owners that want delivery to their home in the UK we can do this as a premium charge what we normally suggest is that the new owner books their transport through your charity and then contacts us directly to discuss their requirements and any additional premium that may be due.

For new owners in Scotland, Wales and Ireland again this can be done but at a premium.Dog Adoption

Unlike a lot of pet transporters we do not limit our Charity services to Small dogs only; all sizes of dog are eligible on a sliding scale of cost.

If you would like to contact us to discuss your requirements, transport dates, average number of animals on a transport etc. we will be honoured to play a small role in getting these pets to their forever homes.

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