How often do you exercise the dogs?
The dogs are exercised regularly every few hours in safe to stop locations such as services set back from the motorways or picnic areas en route.

Can i call you to see where you are?
You can track us via a live app and we text regularly en route to update you.

Can my dogs travel together?
We prefer where possible to allow your dogs vision of each other but for them to travel in separate containers so they each have their own space.

What time will you arrive because i want to go out?
We will arrive when we get there. No but seriously this is one of the most frequently asked questions. We cannot give an exact time when we start a 2000km journey as there are many variables including traffic, roadworks, potential problems at the eurotunnel etc. We do however promise to move your pets as swiftly as possible and to keep you updated. You may have to accept delivery at an inconvenient time as we cannot hold back or extend the journey time for other pets.

My cat doesn’t like dogs are you moving dogs as well.
We move both cats and dogs (and also smaller pets) but each animal can be positioned in the vehicle so as not to allow vision of any other. Everyone is normally quiet and enjoys the journey with most pets sleeping through the night. If you do not want your pet moved with any others then please ask about our more exclusive bespoke service.

Can you take some of my furniture too?
No unfortunately not. As a legal licensed pet transporter we follow the animal welfare guidelines strictly and always ensure that animal safety and comfort come first. It is illegal through most of Europe to move pets and furniture together not to mention dangerous for the animals. We have heard of pets being moved inside wardrobes before. We can however recommend professionals to move your furniture for you if you just check our “links” page.

Can you take my plastic dog bed?
Unfortunately we cannot take large rigid beds due to space restrictions and to allow the HVAC system in our vehicle to work effectively. We can however take some soft bedding with their scent on to place in their crate with them.

Can i go with my dog / cat?
Unfortunately we are not a dual licensed taxi we are licensed by DEFRA which is for the movement of pets. To move people we would have to hold a taxi license as well. We can however move only your pets saving you a 24-36 hour drive (in the case of Spain). We could collect on a Monday for example, from your house allowing you to fly to your new location on a short flight then deliver to you on Tuesday.

How much does it cost to move my dog from the UK to France, Italy Spain etc?
This depends on the dates, size of dog and pickup and collection locations. Please use the contact us form and we will get back to you with a quote.