European Pet Transport


pet travel scheme

A Different way to transport your pets.
• Type II Authorised Transporter with Vehicle Inspection Certificate.
• Vehicle has no bulk head, so full vision of animals in transport is maintained at all times, emergency access to animals is possible through the vehicle for your pets comfort and safety.
• Vehicle equipped with multi zone Heating, Air-conditioning and Ventilation which operates independently of the ignition. Ensuring your pet’s health, safety and comfort at all times.
• Pet exclusive transporter, we move pets, we don´t move furniture, boxes, belongings.

• We use the Channel Tunnel to enter the UK, ensuring that your pets are not left unaccompanied on a ferry.
• Vehicle is equipped with GPS, allowing us to pin point our location at any time.
• Animal handler is contactable by mobile phone throughout the journey.
• We provide individual and personalised updates on route.
• Dedicated driver and Animal handler to ensure that we can give the best standard of care and attention throughout transport.
• Professional animal handlers with many qualifications
• Animals with medical conditions requiring all forms of medication; tablets, injections etc are welcome at no extra cost.
• Vehicle equipped with Animal first aid kit, disinfection and hygiene facilities etc.

defra approved
• Personalised DEFRA required Paperwork will be given to all clients at the end of journey.
• Pet journey time of 24 to 36 hours dependant on Collection and delivery location
o Ashford (25 hours) to Almeria region or vice versa
o Newcastle (32 hours) to Almeria region or vice versa
o Not days on the road or indirect routes.
• All paperwork is available for inspection; including Type II licence, Vehicle inspection Certificate, Qualifications, DEFRA approved Contingency plans etc.
• All clients will be given a planned Itinerary etc. prior to departure.
• Dedicated trips can be arranged (please see Bespoke Services)
• Payment can be made in Euro, Sterling, cash, Debit or credit card and Bank Transfer.
• Detailed references available on request.