The team at Take me home have clean driving licences and no fault accidents since obtaining our driving licences and have full no claims.

We are safe drivers with hundreds of thousands of miles of pet transport driving experience both in the UK and in Europe between us. We are qualified in companion animal first aid, and hold qualifications in advanced canine and feline nutrition, canine and feline advanced health care, Natural animal care, Feline and Canine Advanced care and management, and behavioral qualifications with memberships to Pet Professionals, International Society of Animal Professionals and other Associations.

defra approved

We are holders of an EC type ii Licence issued by DEFRA and Vehicle inspection certificates (for journeys in excess of 8 hours), as well as certified and agreed contingency plans, journey logs and all legally required or recommended paperwork for transport of animals which is available for inspection or a copy can be forwarded to clients for their inspection in PDF form. We like to think we hold the highest level of qualification and offer exemplary standards of care for all animals during transport.

Fiat Scudo

Is a modern, reliable triple zone air-conditioned / heated MPV. This vehicle is fully equipped with auxiliary air-conditioning and heating via a diesel powered system which is independent of the ignition system (As required for type ii licences) I.E the air con and heating can be operated in a stationary vehicle, with no key in the ignition.

This vehicle has been specifically chosen with the comfort, safety and welfare of animals in mind. As you can see our vehicle has NO bulk head, this is the image from the brochure and is for illustration purposes only. Our vehicle is equipped with just two front seats, providing easy access from the very front to the very back.

Not all vehicles are suitable for the transport of animals if any transporter is offering to put your cat into the rear of a van, lorry, trailer etc. etc. please remember that fumes can enter those vehicles. Any transporter offering to take your cat with your furniture is breaking the law, and possibly endangering your cat.

Fiat Skudo

Proper facilities to transport cats are vital, as cats unlike dogs are not exercised during transport so their accommodation must reach the highest standards of comfort, care and safety.

With Take Me Home your cat will never travel in a plastic “pet carrier” these are only suitable for SHORT journeys eg to the vet or you local cattery.

With Take Me Home cats travel in luxury duplex accommodation.

Take Me Home cat cages, are large enough to accommodate a full size litter tray (note we use proper litter trays not disposable tin foil trays)

Take me Home cat cages have upper decks for bedding and allow a very high level of comfort, privacy, observation and facilities.

Take me home cat cages are equipped with “vet bed” which is a thermo regulating fabric which is also cushioning to keep your cat as comfortable as possible.

Take Me Home Cat cages, are large enough to accommodate a full sized water bowl (note we use hygienic stainless steel bowls not disposable tin foil trays / plastic etc)

Take Me Home Never mixes cats from different owners. However, for owners of multiple cats if you would prefer we can offer transport for your cats in a single cage (of a suitable size for the number of cats accommodated within).

Take me home cat cages provide a level of security which very importantly complies with the European regulations and law regarding the transportation of animals.

We only use Motorway routes as this is quicker, smoother and the animals travelling with us can usually sleep. During the night we normally stop less frequently as the animals tend to sleep due to the smooth roads etc and as such when it is not necessary to disturb them (medication, physical conditions etc aside) we allow them to rest as much as possible over night.

From the Almeria region of Spain to the Channel Tunnel Terminal at Calais takes around 23-26 hours with Take Me Home including regular stops and we do this without an overnight stay. We stop the vehicle every 2-3 hours to rest, water (Water is of course continuously available at all times during transit) and feed (when necessary) our charges.

This transport time frame is only possible because our primary concern is transporting our animals in the least stressful environment possible and reuniting you with them as soon as physically possible. An extended transport time places the animals at greater risk of stress, anxiety, dehydration, discomfort, shock, illness and suffering.

Border Crossing

To cross the border we use the Eurotunnel meaning we can stay with our charges at all times as opposed to a ferry crossing where animals are left in the vehicle and inspection is not possible during the extended 1 and half to 2 hour crossings.

We use a flexible crossing with the Channel Tunnel which most importantly enables us to be allocated onto the next crossing preventing any unnecessary delays and ensuring our journey time is kept to a minimum as required under the Ec pet transport laws. This is particularly important when transporting animals with prior existing medical conditions; age related concerns, fears, phobias, transport anxiety etc.
Eurotunnel Pet Reception

Keeping you in the picture

We always text or phone regularly giving you full updates of expected arrivals time, current location and how your cat is.

We normally maintain contact during the day and will text a request for no non emergency contact over night, and again resume text contact in the morning, When location and time allows we will also sometimes send emails, which allows us to give you more information and occasionally pictures during transit.

Take Me Home has nothing to hide; new for 2016 you can track our progress throughout your cats journey via an app.