Bespoke Services

tailor made bespoke pet transport
defra approved


Bespoke Services

Take Me Home bespoke service is where we move your animals and only your animals on a date of your choice.

We are able to offer more updates whilst on route than with a scheduled trip. We place the transport cages for optimal vision for the animal handler, air circulation, comfort and individual requirements of your animals. We are able to do this as we are only transporting your animals.

Take Me Home bespoke service means we do not have to consider the comfort of other animals meaning we can make more frequent stops or less frequent stops offering a uniquely tailored service to your individual animals comfort and requirements. We are also able to stop for longer allowing time for longer rest breaks, fuss and cuddle time if desired by your animals.

Take Me Home bespoke service means we can take the most direct route to your new home, not having to drop off or pick up other animals on route, so there are no delays in getting your animals home as quickly as possible.

Take Me Home bespoke service is normally preferable with owners of multiple pets or with commitments which make a scheduled service more difficult.

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