All About Us

Take me home is the pet transport team you can trust with years of experience we are the company with a passion for pets.

When we say experience we don´t just mean with our own pets, we mean with your pets. We work with pets of every species, every size, and every breed daily in our fully licensed kennels and cattery in southern Spain. We are not retirees looking to earn some extra money, we are not jacks of all trades, we are qualified pet experts.

Take me home began 8 years ago when a client of our kennels and cattery “Paws and Claws” came to us with a problem, Cala and Cleo were two diabetic cats and the owners couldn´t find a transporter that was willing, able and qualified to transport them. We have been transporting pets ever since, both throughout Europe and internationally.

We are unique, we don´t talk the talk, we walk the walk and will go the extra mile for every one of our clients to us your pets are not pets they are family, we understand how important they are to you. You don´t have to believe us, just look at some of the reviews we have had from clients over the years.

We work differently to a lot of pet transport companies to us your pet is not an add-on to your furniture quote, it is not an extra service; it’s not a good way to pay for our holiday, etc. We don´t make things easy on ourselves we make things easy on your pets and you. We don´t spend days or weeks on the road, we don´t lounge about in a cabin or hotel room whilst your pets are left unsupervised, uncared for, frightened and alone in unfamiliar surroundings. With us your pet is always with us and we are with them every step of the way from collection to your new home.

Take me home pet transport takes the stress out of pet transport no matter the reason for your move, maybe you´re taking a long holiday, relocating to a different continent for work, or simply moving home we are here to look after your pet every step of the way from your initial enquiry to helping your pets get settled in to their new home. To us your pet is everything.